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October 22, 2019

Viktor Orban’s party won convincingly the parliamentary elections in Hungary

Viktor OrbanThe ruling Hungarian conservative party Fidesz won convincingly the parliamentary elections, giving Viktor Orban a third consecutive term in office. According to official estimates, based on 93% of the votes, Fidesz and its junior coalition partner, the Christian Democratic People’s Party, will have 133 seats out of a total of 199 in the new parliament. This guarantees them a two-thirds majority needed to make changes to the constitution.

“We won, Hungary won a big victory”, said the 54-year-old Viktor Orban. “High voter turnout eliminates all doubts” about our victory”, added the prime minister. There is still no definitive data on the number of voters, but it is expected to be about 70% more than in previous parliamentary elections.

The right-wing nationalist Jobbik party (the Movement for Better Hungary) is second with 20% and 26 deputies. The Socialists are in third with 12%, and the LMP, Hungary’s main Green Party, is in fourth with 7%.

The leaders of the second and third-placed parties have resigned.

Two other small left-wing parties won 9 and 8 deputies.

Fidesz improved its score on proportionate party lists by winning 49.1% of the votes cast against 44.9% in the 4-year election. The critics of Prime Minister Orban say he has pushed the country in an authoritarian way and that it is fueling xenophobia with its anti-immigrant policy and its sharp words towards migrants.

After voting in one of the polling stations in Budapest today, journalists asked him whether he was fighting the European Union. “The EU is not Brussels, the EU is in Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Bucharest”, said Viktor Orban, noting that he did not approve the policy of Brussels.

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