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September 21, 2018

US private sector adds 135,000 jobs in September 2017

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US private sectorThe US private sector adds 135,000 jobs in September 2017, according to ADP’s regular monthly report. The values ​​largely justify economists’ expectations of about 140,000 new positions. However, the September data is a slowdown, compared to previous month. The the August data are revised slightly downwards: from 237,000 to 228,000 jobs.

The details of the ADP report show that the small business sector has actually lost jobs in September, while medium and large enterprises are reporting an increase in employment. Weaknesses also exist in the companies in the sphere of trade.

According to analysts, this time ADP’s report may be more important than government data because data in it is much less affected by hurricanes.

On Friday, a report from the Labor Ministry is expected to provide information on unemployment and wage growth.

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