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September 21, 2019

US consumer confidence retreated from the 17-year peak

US consumer confidenceThe US consumer confidence retreated from the 17-year peak recorded in November. The data show that the index reached 122.1 points in November, compared to 128.6 points a month earlier. The expectations of the analysts were for slighter drop to 127 points.

But overall, the optimism of US consumers has been greatest since 2000. December data show that Americans have no good expectations about jobs and business conditions in the coming months, although the labor market has been in its best state for years. The US unemployment reached 4.1% in November, and the economy grew by 3% in the last two quarters.

The retail sales boast the best season before Christmas for a decade.

The good economic development also supports housing sales, according to a separate study by the American Real Estate Brokers Association. In November, the value of the index developed by the institution increased by 0.2% to 109.5 points.

On an annual basis, the increase was 0.8%.

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