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November 20, 2019

Ukraine gas consumption increased by 42% due to cold winter

Ukraine gas consumptionBecause of the cold weather the extraction of Ukrainian gas storage increased. The sharp decrease in temperature increases the abstraction of natural gas by 42% to 78 million cbm per day. As of January 26, the gas storage facilities in the country has 10.3 billion cbm of gas, which means that since the beginning of the winter season have been used around 4.4 billion cbm. According to the official data, the regime of usage from optimal storage and gas will reach the end of the winter season.

Two days ago from Gazprom announced that the gas in Ukrainian storage is below 11 billion cbm, which is 1.2 billion cbm less than last year. According to the assessment of Russian experts of the buffer storage in the country, the level must not fall below 6-7 billion cbm.

In recent years, Russia and Ukraine exchanged mutual accusations of violations of contractual relations. Moscow’s warnings are related to smaller reserves of gas, which would force Kiev to pay the quantities that transit to Europe.

According to the Ukrainian gas companies Russia does not fulfill their obligations. Currently the pressure on pipelines is 58.8 atmospheres, which is 2% lower than agreed, reported more Ukrtransgas. Meanwhile, Gazprom announced a new record of deliveries to Europe – 635.1 million cbm day, reached on January 25.

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