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December 10, 2019

UK will not accept lowering of standards in trade deal with USA

Uk trade dealUK will not support a trade deal with the United States if it would mean a retreat from environmental standards, assured the Minister of the Environment Michael Gove.

In an interview he is certain that an agreement that provides for the sale of chickens sour in chlorine will not be allowed. This is a practice in the US and the goal is to destroy the microorganisms in chicken. In the EU, however, this practice has been banned since 1997. After Brexit, the British government will decide whether to abandon this ban or not.

Michael Gove is categorical that London will not step back from its standards by signing a trade agreement with the United States. He also said that for decades, Britain is among the leaders in terms of standards for environmental protection and animal welfare, and will maintain this position even after leaving the EU.

The Minister pointed out that food safety and consumer confidence are a priority, but it is still too early to make hypotheses for future negotiations in this area. “Any future agreement should be in the interests of British farmers, businesses and consumers”, said Michael Gove.

At this stage the government spokesman did not comment on Gove’s statement or how the standards were defended during the trade negotiations in the past.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced through his Twitter profile that talks with the UK on a new trade deal are under way.

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