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November 20, 2019

Trump and May decided to immediately start trade talks

Trump and MayThe US President Donald Trump has agreed immediately to begin negotiations with Britain to conclude a new trade agreement to preserve the gains that have now London as a member of the European Union. The decision on these high-level negotiations was taken on Friday during a visit to Washington of Theresa May. This decision can cause anger of EU leaders, which already warned Britain that it can begin negotiations with other parties until it has left the EU.

The negotiations provide for establishment of joint working groups. They aim to establish a framework of a new trade agreement that could be signed, as soon as possible after Brexit.

“The first step towards realizing this goal will be done immediately”, said the spokesman of Downing Street.

The decision was taken at a working dinner of Trump and May in Washington. During it, they have talked about relations between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, when Trump told May that he wants the relationship between them to be as narrow as those maintained between Thatcher and Reagan during the Cold War. Trump has promised to ensure that current trade agreements between the two sides negotiated within Britain’s membership of the EU continue to operate after Brexit.

“This is the first step leading to a future trade agreement with the US, which could bring our economic strength tremendous benefits as well as more security and trust companies”, said Theresa May.

The talks also aim removal of barriers to the export of agricultural and food products from Britain to the United States and the mutual recognition of diplomas, so as to facilitate business relations between citizens of the two countries.

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