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November 14, 2019

Trade between Russia and China should reach 66 billion USD in 2017

Russia-China meetingThe trade between Russia and China should reach 66 billion USD in 2017, but also continuing to grow in further decade. This was assured during the meeting of the Russian President Vladimir Putin with the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, where were discussed the trade relations and investments in both countries.

Putin noted that the trade between the two countries is increasing. From January to September this year it is already 61.6 billion USD.

“I am convinced that this year we will go up to 66 billion EUR and we will increase the exchange of commodities”, stressed the Russian President. He added that lasting and stable contact was established between the leaders of the two countries, which is fully in line with the level of Russian strategic partnership.

The Russian President expressed confidence that the meeting of the leaders of the countries of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization, which will be attended by Li Keqiang, will be a success for tomorrow (November 30th) in Sochi.

The Chinese Prime Minister also drew attention to the steady development of the strategic partnership with Russia. In his words, positive trends in mutual trade have been observed since last year, and this growth is over 20%.

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