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November 19, 2019

Switzerland introduced sanctions against Venezuela

venezuelaSwitzerland introduced sanctions against Venezuela on Wednesday for suspected human rights violations. It followed the example of the European Union from January 22, which introduced sanctions against the government in the South American country.

The neutral Switzerland said it was seriously concerned about the repeated violations of individual freedoms in Venezuela where the principle of separation of powers is seriously undermined and the forthcoming election process suffers from a serious lack of legitimacy.

According to the Sanction Pack, the sale, supply, export and transit to Venezuela of weapons and goods that can be used for internal repression is forbidden. This step takes effect immediately. A similar ban is also introduced for equipment that can be used to track and intercept internet and telephone communications.

In addition, some Venezuelan assets are frozen, as well as the entry and transit of a number of Venezuelans, companies and organizations. Among the individuals of the measures are seven ministers and high-ranking officials.

Among the affected officials are the Interior Minister Nestor Reverol, National Intelligence Director Gustavo Lopez, Supreme Court President Maikel Jose Moreno Perez, and Chief Prosecutor Tarek Saab.

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