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September 21, 2019

Spot electricity prices rise in Germany and France after Christmas holidays

Spot electricity pricesSpot electricity prices rise in Germany and France after Christmas holidays. On the German market in the “day ahead” segment, electricity has risen by 9 EUR to 34 EUR per MWh. The rise is explained by the higher demand after the Christmas holidays and the lower temperatures. The expectations are that the increase will be 2 gigawatts to 67.6 gigawatts, as the average temperature will be 1.3 degrees Celsius lower.

In France, prices are rising tighter – by 19 EUR to 49 EUR per MWh. The post-holiday increase is also accompanied by forecasts for worsening weather – expecting average temperatures to drop by 2.3 degrees Celsius.

The electricity surge has been a trend across Europe over recent months.

In Bulgaria also was reported increase of spot electricity prices. On Friday (December 22nd) on the day ahead market, the electricity reached an average price of just over 36 EUR per MWh. Because of the higher free market price, the employers’ organizations have urged their low-tension members (mainly small and medium-sized companies) to return to the regulated market.

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