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January 18, 2018

Retail sales in the European Union increased by 1.5% in November 2017

Retail salesThe volume of retail sales in the European Union increased by 1.5% in November on month-on-month basis. Thus, the region reports a stable recovery in retail trade after sales surprisingly dropped by 0.6% in October, according to seasonally adjusted Eurostat data. In the Eurozone, the volume increase on a monthly basis is at the same level – from 1.5%, after the even-trough zone recorded an even greater 1.1% decline in October.

Compared to the same month of the previous year, there was a significant increase – the growth of sales volume in the Eurozone was 2.8% and in the EU amounted to 2.7%.

According to Eurostat, the increase in volume on a monthly basis in the Eurozone is mainly due to a 2.3% rise in non-food products, 1.2% in “Food, beverages and tobacco” and 0.3% in automotive fuels.

As for the EU as a whole, the trend is similar. The volume of non-food sales increased by 2.1%, food, beverages and tobacco by 1.2% and motor fuels by 0.3%.

Among the Member States, the largest increase in retail sales is seen in Portugal (3.9%), Slovenia (2.8%), Germany (2.3%) and Croatia. Only one country declined in retail sales – Estonia by 0.2%. Bulgaria recorded a slight growth of 0.3%, which however slowed down compared to the previous month when it was at the level of 0.6%.

The annual growth of retail sales in the Eurozone is supported by non-food products with an increase of 4.1%, of the category “Food, beverages and tobacco” by 1.6% and only 0.2% of automotive fuels. The situation in the EU as a whole is similar – the growth in non-food products remains the same, but in the category “Food, beverages and tobacco” is 1.4% and in the case of automotive fuels – 0.9%.

The most significant increase in retail sales compared to November 2016 was recorded in Romania (10.9%), Poland (7.6%) and Malta (7.0%). And here Estonia is the only country that has dropped sales – by 1.2%. In Bulgaria, the volume grew by 3.9% yoy.

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