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November 20, 2018

Power Ledger (POWR) MarketCap at $108,083,951 as Price Rises to $0.289203: Up 11.20 Percent Since Yesterday

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Power Ledger (POWR) traded up 11.20 percent on dollar since this time yesterday time period ending 10:00 on July 11th EST. Power Ledger presently has a total market capitalization of $108,083,951 and its 24hr trading volume is approximately $41,307,300. In the seven day period, Power Ledger is 1.29 percent against the dollar together with a move of 0.14 percent in the past 60 minutes.

Now take a look at how similar currencies have faired since yesterday:

  • Bata (BTA) is currently at $0.09 against the dollar, a 11.28% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for BTA currently sits at 0.00001367 BTC.
  • Tigereum (TIG) is currently at $0.04 against the dollar, a 49.97% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for TIG currently sits at 0.00000578 BTC.
  • Bread (BRD) is currently at $0.41 against the dollar, a 2.70% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for BRD currently sits at 0.00006449 BTC.
  • Matchpool (GUP) is currently at $0.11 against the dollar, a -0.52% change since yesterday. The Bitcoin price for GUP currently sits at 0.00001644 BTC.

Power Ledger Knowledge

Power Ledger has a maximum supply of 373,730,395 coins. It launched on 5th July, 2017.

As indicated by cryptocompare: “Power Ledger is a decentralized energy exchange platform. It incorporates energy applications, such as a P2P energy trading application that allows businesses to host trading on the platform. This technology enables the sale of surplus renewable energy generated at residential and commercial developments (including multi-unit/multi-tenanted) connected to existing electricity distribution networks, or within micro-grids. POWR is an Ethereum-based token that fuels the Power Ledger Ecosystem. POWR tokens serve as access permisson tokens, allowing the Application Hosts and their consumers to gain access to the P2P trading features and other Power Ledger applications. To synchronize the ecosystem globally and create cross-market electricity compatibility, a second token, Sparkz, is used in Power Ledger's ecosystem transactions. Applications Hosts may convert their POWR tokens to Sparks when the ecosystem has been accessed.”

A few helpful links are following, should you wish to get more info about Power Ledger:

POWR: For Traders

Traders can get POWR on exchanges including EtherDelta, Upbit, Binance, and Gateio.

It’s not always feasible to buy digital coins including Power Ledger directly using US dollars. Traders needing to find POWR might need to first of all buy Bitcoin or ETH from an exchange that offers dollar trading pairs such as Coinbase or perhaps GDAX. Investors may then use this BTC or ETH to invest in Power Ledger using one of the trading exchanges shown previously.

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