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February 21, 2018

Number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits last week fell more than expected

Americans applying for unemployment benefitsThe number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits last week fell more than expected. The hurricanes Harvey and Irma, however, continue to influence the data, which makes harder to see the situation on the labor market more clearly. The unemployment claims are decreasing by 12,000 to 260,000 for the week of September 24-30. The value is below the economists expectations for a value of 265,000.

The less variable four-weekly number decreased by 9,500 to 268,250.

The number of Americans, who already receiving unemployment benefits, is slightly down to 1.94 million.

New requests are returning to low levels, which were reached before the effect of the hurricanes. Before the storms the number of Americans applying for unemployment each week was about 235,000, reaching a 45-year-old bottom.

The requests were shot at almost 300,000 in September as many people in Florida and Texas were temporarily unable to work following the damages caused by natural disasters.

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