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November 19, 2019

Learning must respond to emerging employment challenges

sales representaiveThe world is changing rapidly and learning must respond to emerging challenges by adapting, but also the employees must respond to this change and follow the latest trend. The workers needs to develop their language skills and develop their agilities to find better paid job.

A wide range of technologies support the implementation of new training methods are expanding traditional ones. The emerging technologies are useful in linking three main dimensions of learning resources: learning partners, learning content and learning services.

An example of emerging practice is the elearning localization. This is the process of translating eLearning—or any other content—into a different language and adapting it for a specific region. Moreover, the localization goes beyond just translating the eLearning course into the intended language.

The customers also need to make sure your course is culturally appropriate. It’s important to avoid using abbreviations and acronyms, which could confuse the learner. In addition, limit the use of examples whenever possible. Something that’s culturally appropriate in your country may not be in another country.

The learning must be everywhere around the learners and they are involved in the learning process without realizing this. The main trend is the growing introduction of mobile learning, where communication devices such as mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants.

With development of international business and economy, the senior managers and economists are in need to know very native and fluent English language to improve their experience in negotiations, talks and etc. Such skills are very important in the modern world, where the international business in growth and expanding rapidly.

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