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October 22, 2019

Italy fully recovered from the economic crisis

Paolo GentiloniItaly fully recovered from the economic crisis, according to the Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. According to him, the country is in better condition than last parliamentary elections in 2013. Meanwhile, the country’s government has scheduled parliamentary elections on March 4, 2018, after President Sergio Mattarella officially dismissed parliament.

“The truth is that Italy has begun a new life after the worst economic post-World War II crisis”, said Paolo Gentiloni.

The government of Paolo Gentiloni gathered at a meeting and scheduled the parliamentary elections on March 4, 2018. In the afternoon, the PM visited the Quirinal Palace, the official residence of the President, to announce that with the adoption of the next year’s budget, the work of the parliament elected in 2013 is over.

According to the established ceremony, Mattarella met with Senate President Pietro Grassoand Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini to inform them of the intention to dismiss parliament before returning to the presidential palace and signing a decree.

Gentiloni is the third premier elected by this Parliament, after Enrico Letta and Mateo Renzi. He will remain in office until a new parliament is elected. His mandate may be extended due to uncertainty about what will happen after the election. It is expected that the voices will be scattered between three poles that are not inclined to form a coalition – the right-wing, left-center and populist movement. There is a risk that none of these forces will have a clear majority in the next parliament.

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