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September 21, 2019

Islamic State fighters blew up Libyan oil pipeline at Port of Es Sider

Libyan oil pipelineIslamic State fighters blew up Libyan oil pipeline at Port of Es Sider, which cut country’s oil production by about 90,000 barrels per day. The attackers arrived at the site near Marada in two cars and planted explosives on the pipeline, according to military sources. Pictures showing a huge cloud of explosion are circulating through social networks. The damage is still estimated. After the news, oil prices went up, due to decreased production of the North African country.

There was a presence of Islamic State fighters in the area, but government forces expelled them from their main stronghold in Sirte an year ago. The state did not directly named Islamic State for the explosions, but according to many officials the suspected are well trained and organized separatists and terrorists. Many consider that exactly Islamic State stays behind the explosion, as revenge from the battle that government leads against them.

The pipeline operator is Waha, a subsidiary of the National Petroleum Corporation and joint venture with Hess Corp, Marathon Oil Corp and CanocoPhillips. Waha pumps a total of 260,000 barrels per day through the pipeline.

The North African state’s oil production was last put by officials at around one million bpd but exact figures are hard to obtain in a country riven by factional conflict.

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