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November 14, 2019

Industrial production in USA rose in February

Industrial production in USAThe industrial production in USA rose in February for the sixth consecutive month, heading messages about sustainable rebound in the industry. The factories in USA, which form 75% of industrial production, increased its production by 0.5% on a monthly basis – the same rate as in January, according to the Federal Reserve. So reported the strongest two-month period of three years. Moreover, the values ​​meet the expectations of analysts.

The total industrial production, which includes mining and utilities, recorded zero growth as unusually warm weather lowered demand for energy for heating.

Offensive levels of inventories, recovery in global markets and increased corporate spending on equipment gave a sound basis on which to stand the manufacturing industry.

The factory production generates around 12% of US GDP.

The production at utilities dropped by 5.7% in February after a record fall of 5.8% the previous month. In mining, which includes drilling for oil, there is an increase of 2.7%.

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