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November 14, 2019

Half of the jobless young people in the EU are ready to become labor migrants

youth joblessHalf of the unemployed young people in the EU aged between 24 and 34 are ready to become labor migrants, according to the latest Eurostat study. The statistic shows that 21% were willing to go to another city within their country of residence and 12% in another country but within the EU. More than 17% of European young people are also eligible for job search and relocation to third countries.

The statistics show that education plays an important role in these attitudes – more educated are more likely to move to another place if the job requires it.

However, this is often not a legitimate choice – 90% of young people in this age group, who have job, are not labor migrants. Only 1% of them have moved to another EU country to find work and 8% have lived in another city in their own country.

The published data show that 73% of young people in Malta are reluctant to change the place they live in to find a job. The same applies to 68% of young people in Cyprus.

However, the opposite pole is Portugal and Spain, countries with a very high share of youth unemployment. Under 40% of Spaniards are not willing to move, and in Portugal this percentage is even lower than 30%.

In Bulgaria, 58% of unemployed young people without work are not willing to change their place of residence in search of a job, as 23% would go to another EU country and 12% to another city.

In 91% of the young people who are already working, the choice to change the settlement has not stayed and only 7% went to another city in search of a job. 2% of young Bulgarians have gone to an EU country.

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