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June 24, 2019

More than half of the dangerous goods on the European market are imported from China

dangerous goods importThe European rapid alert system RAPEX received 2201 alerts in 2017 and 53% of them were for product imported from China. As a percentage, the number of Chinese dangerous goods alerts remains unchanged.

The dangerous goods from Europe are 26% of all alerts, compared to 23% an year ago. The increase in percentage terms is mainly due to motor vehicles which are predominantly of European origin. This year, the EC reported an increased number of vehicle-related hazards – for example, fire hazards.

In 2016, dangerous goods alerts in EU countries were 2044.

The statistics for 2017 show that most alerts were received for toys (29%), motor vehicles (20%) and clothing and textiles (12%).

Most complaints were submitted by the authorities in Germany (16%), Spain (10%) and France (9%). However, the large number of alerts from these countries is not a cause for concern because they depend on many factors – the size of the market, the volume of imports, and the frequency of inspections carried out.

A report in the system shows that the dangerous goods alerts from Bulgaria are mainly for clothes and toys.

Dangers are mainly related to the possibility of injury – for example, small items of clothing or toys that can be detached from the children and swallowed. Some of the hazardous product alerts are the presence of unauthorized chemicals, as well as the risk of electric shock or fire.

The RAPEX system was introduced in 2003 and provides information on detected dangerous and withdrawn goods from markets in EU countries. It also provides a quick response to other community members. Currently, 31 countries – the 28 EU members, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – are participating in the rapid alert system.

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