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June 24, 2019

Germany’s state sector insists on 6% wage increase

Germany workersThe German trade unions of public sector employees, representing 2.3 million people in the country, ask for 6% wage increase. There must be at least 200 EUR (245 USD) increase per month for civil servants, said the head of the German trade union Verdi Frank Bsirske.

The negotiations between trade unions, government officials and local councils are about to begin on February 26 in Potsdam, near Berlin, and are expected to end in mid-April.

The largest German syndicate, IG Metall, which represents 3.9 million workers in the metallurgy and industry sector, managed to achieve a 4.3% increase in wages plus a lump sum of 100 EUR per worker in the January-March period. The union demanded an increase of 6%, but made compromise against legislation changes for working on reduced working time.

The employers and trade union representatives also agreed that workers would be able to work 28 hours per week for a period of 2 years when they should look after elderly people, children, or sick relatives.

This agreement is seen as a potential model for other pay claims in Germany this year.

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