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October 21, 2019

German labor market is close to historical record employment

German labor marketThe German labor market has reached one of its highest levels in history. According to the experts from the Institute for Employment Analysis the conditions will be maintained for at least another three months. The report is based on a survey of 156 recruiters. Their optimism puts the barometer to determine the employment at 105.4 points in March, the highest level reported since 2011.

The measurement of the index start at a value of 90 points, which accounts for low employment. it may reach 110 points showing a strong employment growth.

The analysts forecast the unemployment rates to continue falling, because many people are not expected to lose their jobs. If this happens, however, they will find work so fast that they will not have to apply for social benefits.

The analysts say that new figures confirm their projections for 2018 and set a record year on employment in Germany. The number of unemployed is expected to reach its minimum since the statistics had started. The experts point out that it is quite realistic for Germany to achieve full employment on its labor market.

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