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January 24, 2019

European farmers worried about trade disputes between the EU and the US

farmersEuropean farmers fear an escalation of trade disputes between the EU and the US, which will lead to a blockage of trade in agricultural goods.

On March 9, the US President Donald Trump signed a decree on increased customs duties on imports of steel and aluminum in the country, and the EU promised a proportional response. Some days ago, Jean-Claude Juncker said the community could impose 25% duty on imported US goods worth about 3.5 billion EUR. These are goods such as peanut butter, corn, rice, beans, and so on, say farmers.

According to the farmers, the dispute could affect agriculture, highlighting the high price paid by the sector for the Russian embargo on agricultural commodities.

“This is the last thing we need”, comment the organization of farmers Copa-Cogeca.

The call is for the two sides to negotiate their trade dispute and to ensure that agriculture does not pay the price of politics.

The US is the largest market for EU agricultural products. In 2017, the exports to the US amounted to 21.9 billion EUR. For comparison, the US imports of agricultural products to the EU amounted to 10.9 billion EUR.

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