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December 10, 2019


Economics Gazette is leading journal about economy, markets and employment. It was establish to be informative and independent news and media journal, showing to the readers all points of view and revealing statistics, forecasts and analyzes. Our well experienced and high educated team will follow the latest news on financial markets and provide to the readers the most accurate analyzes and information. We will be focused on economic data, employment and markets, but let’s present who are we.

Economics Gazette Team

Viliyana FIlipova

Viliyana Filipova

Founder and Chief Editor
Age: 27
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail: vfilipova@economicsgazette.com
Something about me: “My name is Viliyana Filipova, 27 years-old woman from Bulgaria. I established the Economics Gazette and employed high educated and experienced team of business, finance and economy analysts, as well as journalists. We will provide you the latest news about economy, business and finance, trying to be objective and fully independent. We will help traders and financial experts with the latest news from the sector, but also releasing forecasts and estimates for the development of the world economy“.

Silvia Hristova

Silvia Hristova

Editor and Author
Age: 42
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail: shristova@economicsgazette.com
Something about me: “My name is Silvia Hristova. I am 44 year-old woman from Varna, Bulgaria, working as author and analyzes contributor of Economics Gazette Journal. I graduated in University of Economics in Varna and have long experience, as finance and business analyst in local investment funds and banks. Also has long time experience as freelance economy and finance journalist. I will follow the latest economy and markets news from Europe and Asia. Will release and analyze the data from the region and will provide independent forecasts“.

Kathernine Reina

Kathernine Reina

Editor and Author
Age: 29
Location: Nevada, USA
Contact e-mail: kreina@economicsgazette.com
Something about me: “I’m Kathernine Reina, 29 years-old woman from Nevada, USA. I graduated in Princeton University and have experience in finance, business and management. My position in Economics Gazette is content writer and editor, following the latest economy and employment news from NAFTA region. Also, based on my experience as bank and business analyzer, I will try to provide accurate and reliable comments over the latest events. Also will provide detailed explanations of the latest economy data from my region“.


Angelina Nieves

Editor and Author
Age: 25
Location: Tula, Mississippi, USA
Contact e-mail: anieves@economicsgazette.comSomething about me: “My name is Angelina Nieves, 25-year-old girl from Tula, Mississippi, USA. I graduated in University of Texas at Austin with bachelor degree of Information, Risk and Operations Management. So far, I have 2 years experience as freelance journalist for some local finance and business magazines, but also worked as accountant specialist in some local companies. My position in Economics Gazette is author and content writer. I will follow latest economics data from Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Will provide accurate and independent forecasts and analyzes”.

Contact us

For general purposes, comments and marketing (advertising) you can contact us on our e-mail webmaster@economicsgazette.com.