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November 19, 2019


China WTO

China filed a complaint against USA to the WTO

China filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against US President Donald Trump’s decision to impose import duties on steel and aluminum. The Asian country has requested a 60-day consultation with the United States to resolve the dispute. If the two sides do not find a solution, the next step is for Beijing

German exports

German exports lost speed in February 2018

German exports lost speed in February, according to the latest official data. The German exports value grew by 2.4% in February compared to the same month last year, reaching a total of 104.7 billion EUR (129 billion USD). In January, exports rose by 8.6% on an annual basis. Reported on a monthly basis in February,

Valdis Dombrovskis

The EU wants arbitration role in the US-China trade dispute

The European Union (EU) can help resolving the trade dispute between the US and China. This was stated by the two Vice-Presidents of the European Commission (EC) Jyrki Katainen and Valdis Dombrovskis. Instead of participating in the conflict, the EU can use its role as the world’s largest market to support international trade rules and

Donald Trump

The US trade war with China was lost many years ago

The US President Donald Trump said the trade war with China was “lost many years ago” by his predecessors. His statement comes amid a turbulence in financial markets after Washington imposed a 25% duty on 1,300 Chinese products. Beijing responded to the measure with its levies against American goods, ranging from soybeans and wine to


USA wants a preliminary deal on NAFTA by the middle of the month

The administration of the US President Donald Trump is pushing for a preliminary deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to be announced at the Organization of American States (OAS) summit in Peru next week. The Washington authorities will host ministerial meetings, which aimed reaching development in the process. The White House wants

China customs tariffs

China imposes customs tariffs on 128 US goods

China said it imposes new duties on 128 US goods, including meat, fruits and other products, as a response to the Donald Trump’s customs tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. The Chinese finance ministry said the new customs will take effect today. The value of imported goods amounts to 3 billion USD. The statement

trade war

The fears of a trade war will keep the markets under pressure

The full-scale international trade war has not yet exploded, but that does not prevent markets from being bullied by the thought of such, nor analysts who warn of how much it will cost. Whether worries will continue to be a driving force for asset prices over the coming days depends largely on the decisions, tweets

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