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December 14, 2017


US tax reform

US tax reform can bring serious negatives to the global trade

Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK have expressed concerns about the draft tax reform, which is expected to be finalized by the US Congress. In a letter signed by the finance ministers of the five largest economies in the European Union had access, the parties warned that “the inclusion of some less conventional international

EU-Africa trade

The deficit in trade between the EU and Africa changed to surplus

Africa is the fourth most important trading partner of the European Union (EU) after the United States, China and Switzerland, accounting for 7.5% of trade in goods outside the Community in 2016. Before 2006, 8.4% of EU trade was targeted at Africa, which was then the third-largest trading partner. However, for the 10-year period, Africa’s

Chinese exports growth

Chinese exports growth reached 8-month high

Growth in Chinese exports and imports is unexpectedly accelerating in November 2017, which is a encouraging signal from the world’s second-largest economy. With the recovery of global demand, the Chinese commodities are becoming attractive and are being imported at a fast pace this year. This in turn allows the Beijing authorities to tighten conditions and

German automakers

German carmakers expect sales of new cars to drop in 2018

The German carmakers expect sales of new cars to drop in 2018 against a backdrop of their efforts to re-focus on electric cars. The sales of the largest European automotive market are expected to shrink by 2% this year to 3.4 million vehicles in 2018, revealed the head of the German Association of the Automotive

US trade deficit

US trade deficit widened in October 2017

The US trade deficit widened in October 2017 to its highest value since January. The record import reflects strong domestic demand, according to data from the Ministry of Commerce. The deficit widened 8.6% yoy to 48.7 billion USD from 44.9 billion USD in September. The imports rose by 1.6% to 244.6 billion USD, mostly supported

Russia gas production

Russia expects rise in natural gas production in 2017

Russia expects rise in natural gas production to 690 billion cubic meters in 2017, which is 7.8% more than last year, revealed the Energy Deputy Minister, Kirill Molodtsov. The increased yield is related to Gazprom’s record exports. According to the energy ministry of the country at the end of November, almost 599 billion cubic meters

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