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December 10, 2019


China customs tariffs

China imposes customs tariffs on 128 US goods

China said it imposes new duties on 128 US goods, including meat, fruits and other products, as a response to the Donald Trump’s customs tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. The Chinese finance ministry said the new customs will take effect today. The value of imported goods amounts to 3 billion USD. The statement

trade war

The fears of a trade war will keep the markets under pressure

The full-scale international trade war has not yet exploded, but that does not prevent markets from being bullied by the thought of such, nor analysts who warn of how much it will cost. Whether worries will continue to be a driving force for asset prices over the coming days depends largely on the decisions, tweets

Liam Fox

Britain hopes to conclude 40 trade agreements after Brexit

Britain hopes to conclude 40 trade agreements with 70 countries by the end of the transition period after Brexit in 2020, revealed the Foreign Minister Liam Fox. According to him, the negotiations with all these countries have already started and they have agreed to such a result. The UK will have to continue to observe


Switzerland introduced sanctions against Venezuela

Switzerland introduced sanctions against Venezuela on Wednesday for suspected human rights violations. It followed the example of the European Union from January 22, which introduced sanctions against the government in the South American country. The neutral Switzerland said it was seriously concerned about the repeated violations of individual freedoms in Venezuela where the principle of

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