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December 14, 2017


US dollar

US dollar depreciated after Senator’s vote in Alabama

The US dollar depreciated after voters in the highly conservative state of Alabama, the Republican party’s fortress, struck a heavy political strike against President Donald Trump. A 63-year-old Democrat and former Prosecutor Doug Jones has been elected as a seat in the US Senate’s partial elections. This is the first victory of the Democrats in

Ewald Nowotny

The European Union needs to think about regulating the Bitcoin

The European Union (EU) needs to think about regulating the Bitcoin, according to the member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB), Ewald Nowotny. According to him, the crypto-currency poses risk for money laundering and financing terrorism. The Bitcoin rose from 1,000 USD to 16,000 USD since the beginning of the year,

Euro money

The Euro is waiting for the ECB’s meeting

One of the most important currencies in the world is awaiting important decisions and data next week. The attitude is that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for the third time this year, and the European Central Bank (ECB) will keep its key interest rate zero as it is from the beginning of

First Bitcoin cracking may signal for some deficiencies

The very popular nowadays Bitcoin is gaining new speed and grew significantly during the last days. Since the beginning of the year, the crypto-currency expanded by more than 10 times, which is significant even for the best growing startups. But Bitcoin is not a startup and has long history behind, which underlines the success as

Venezuelan Bolivar

The hypersonic collapse of the Venezuelan Bolivar

Venezuelan Bolivar collapses against the major currencies with hypersonic speed, so it is very hard to analyze its perspectives. On the black market, where almost all Venezuelans get dollars, the US currency rose by 135% this month alone. Since the beginning of the year, the increase has been 2,959%. And over the past two years


Bitcoin growth can change the tech business

The growth of the Bitcoin can lead to the creation of the so-called “decentralized internet”, which may take the influence of large technology companies. The Internet works thanks to large-scale centralized services, such as server owners, cloud service providers, search engines and social networks. As a result, many Internet giants dominate their domains on the

William Dudley

Fed explores the idea of developing its own digital currency

With the rise in popularity and prices of crypto-currencies, the US Federal Reserve is obviously considering developing its own product, similar to the Bitcoin. William Dudley, chairman of the Fed for New York, said that the central bank is studying the idea of ​​developing its own digital currency. But whatever product is to be introduced,

Bitcoin futures

Nasdaq intends to release Bitcoin futures contracts in 2018

Stock Exchange operator Nasdaq intends to release Bitcoin futures contracts in 2018, becoming the third US-based stockbroker to plan such contracts on the volatile digital currency. There are four stock giants in the US. Now Nasdaq joins CME Group and Cboe Global Markets in an attempt to enter this market. This makes the owner of


Bitcoin conquered 8,000 USD level

Bitcoin managed to regain the loses in the last ten days and reached a new record, surpassing the level of 8,000 USD. On Sunday morning, the most popular crypto-currency conquered a new high. And just a week earlier bitcoin experienced the biggest drop in history in absolute value and reached a price of 5,600 USD.

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