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February 21, 2018


US net exporter oil

The US will become a net energy exporter by 2022

The US will become a net energy exporter by 2022, according to the EIA’s annual forecast. According to the institution’s assessment, the sector will be characterized by a strong increase in energy resource extraction, but against the backdrop of domestic demand will remain without major changes. The US Energy Estimates forecast for 2050 is that

Ukraine gas import

Ukraine restarts gas import from Russia

Ukrainian Naftogaz could make a request in March to get the first quantities of gas directly from Russia, revealed the director of the company Andriy Kobolyev. From 2015, Ukraine does not buy gas directly from Russia, but through reverse links from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. According to Naftogaz data in 2017, the gas imports to

Oil deliveries

The United States started deliveries of crude oil to the UAE

The United States started deliveries of crude oil to the UAE. Although United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the leading Gulf oil producers, where billions of dollars of raw material feeds the giant state-owned investment fund, does not look like a potential oil customer in Texas, according to US government data the country has purchased

Crude oil

Crude oil starts the new week with decrease

The crude oil starts the new week with decrease against a backdrop of rising dollar and rising US stocks. During Asian trade, the futures on US light crude oil with delivery in March fell by 0.78% to 64.94 USD per barrel. The decrease in Brent varieties with delivery in April was 0.82% to 68.02 USD

OPEC deal

OPEC and Russia quota deal faces new extraordinary problem

When the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia meet this weekend to review their strategy to reduce the global oil saturation, they will face an extraordinary problem: it may work too well. While their quotas, coupled with robust global demand, tighten the market, the crude oil prices rose to a three-year high of

Copper price

Copper price fell significantly due to high reserves

After the long upward trend, the metal prices began to decline. The copper, aluminum and nickel prices fell by more than 2% on Tuesday after investors focused on the dollar’s appreciation and the evidence that there is enough supply on the physical commodity market. The noble metals also moved in negative territory and silver fell

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