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November 19, 2019


German consumer

German consumer confidence shows signs of strong growth

The German consumer confidence seems to have stabilized in March and even shows signs of revival after a month earlier led to decline in some of the indicators. The Nuremberg Research Institute, GfK, said today that its main consumer confidence index in March was 10.8 points, with expectations in April reaching 10.9 points. In February,

Greece finance buffer

Greece creates a financial buffer

Greece creates a financial buffer and the funds for it will be earmarked from the new 6.7-billion-euro tranche that the country received from the European Stability Mechanism (EMS) under the external financial support program. The funds for this financial buffer are expected to amount to about 20 billion EUR. The high-ranking EU officials believe that

Lagarde IMF

The Eurozone needs even better accountability

During the financial crisis, the Eurozone countries responded quickly to the process of strengthening the banking system and building a firewall. However, the accountability achieved is not sufficient, according to the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde. “They now need more confidence, greater accountability and three more points: capital markets, the

Eurozone economic confidence

Eurozone economic confidence continues to weaken in March 2018

The Eurozone economic confidence continues to weaken in March as the region signals more moderate growth. The optimism has weakened in the five largest economies, which dropped the overall index to its lowest level in six months – 112.6 points. This is the third consecutive drop from the 17-year peak reached in December. The European

Turkey property

Turkey expects growth in foreign property buyers this year

The sustainable property market coupled with a strong economy, weak currency and a revitalizing tourism industry can attract more foreign buyers to Turkey this year. The sales of Turkish property to foreigners have grown by 25.7% in January compared to the same month of 2017, according to Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK). In the first

japan core inflation

Japan’s core inflation reached 1% in February 2018

Japan’s core inflation reached 1% in February 2018 for the first time in three and a half years, which is a tentative signal for progress by the Central Bank, which is targeting inflation rate of 2%. The 14th consecutive increase in consumer prices follows a 0.9% growth in January, according to data from the interior

managers economy survey

Bulgarian managers remain optimistic for country’s GDP growth

Bulgarian finance directors, followed by Slovenian, have the highest optimism about GDP growth in their countries in 2018, according to a new report by Deloitte, a survey of executives from 12 Central European countries. The study includes Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The confidence of

The EU

The EU recovers from the financial crisis at a particularly slow pace

The recovery of the EU has continued at a particularly slow pace compared to other major economies. This is one of the conclusions of the European Business Confederation BusinessEurope regular report “Barometer of Reforms”. The report assesses the current state of the EU and makes recommendations for structural reforms and priorities. The document is based

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