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December 10, 2019


Greece economy

Greece economy expanded by 1.4% in 2017

Greece economy expanded by 1.4% in 2017 after nearly a decade of decline, show the initial data of the National Statistics Office, Elstat. However, the rate of growth is weaker than expected. The outlook for this year is better, with a growth of 2.5%. Greece fell into financial crisis in 2010 and was forced to

Turkish economy

The IMF warned for possible overheating the Turkish economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned for possible danger of overheating the Turkish economy due to its rapid recovery. According to the IMF, the country also needs to introduce additional fiscal and monetary tightening. According to the institution’s data, after the slowdown in 2016, Turkey’s economy has sharp improvement last year with a stimulus policy

German economy

German economy is growing as expected in Q4 2017

The German economy is growing as expected at the end of 2017. In the fourth quarter of last year, the GDP of the largest economy in Europe grew by 0.6%, but a little slower than the previous three months, when the indicator reported a growth of 0.7%. A positive contribution to growth in Germany has


The risks to the Eurozone growth prospects are broadly balanced

The risks to the Eurozone growth prospects are broadly balanced. This is clear from the latest economic newsletter of the European Central Bank (ECB). The prevailing strong cyclical momentum could lead to further growth in the near future, but the risks are mostly related to global markets, including currency markets. There is a strong and

Economic growth

Economic growth in the Eurozone accelerates job creation

The economic impulse in the Eurozone has been rising at the fastest pace in nearly 12 years, leading to the fastest job creation since the beginning of the millennium. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose by 58.8 points in January from 58.1 in December, according to IHS Markit. This surprisingly exceeds the preliminary growth forecast

France Economy

France’s economy expands for fifth consecutive quarter

France’s economy expands for the fifth consecutive quarter, performing its best year since 2011. The economy growth received impetus after the election of the new President Emmanuel Macron and the favorable global trends that together stimulated confidence and investment. The France’s Gross Domestic Product grew by 0.6% in the three months to December 2017, coinciding

UK economy

UK economy grows faster than expected in Q4 2017

The UK economy grows faster than expected, and in Q4 2017 the GDP grew by 0.5% after the 0.4% growth in the three months to September. Compared to the same quarter of 2016, the UK economy grows by 1.5%. The economic growth, however, generally slows down in 2017, taking into account even the weakest pace

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