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December 15, 2018


US inflation

The US inflation continues its acceleration

The consumer spending in the United States increased by 0.2% in January on the background of higher earnings, driven by the tax cuts. At the same time, the consumer prices jumped by 0.3%, which is the biggest increase in 12 months. The Ministry of Commerce reported that a slight rise in spending followed an increase

Norway inflation

Norway lowered the inflation target to 2%

The Norwegian government lowered the central bank’s inflation target to 2%, which caused raising the value of the local currency. In this way, the country changed its policy in line with its key partners by refraining from reaching a 2.5% inflation rate of 17 years ago. “Setting the inflation target should be perspective and flexible,

German inflation

German inflation slows more than expected in February

German inflation slows more than expected in February to its lowest level in the last 15 years. According to the preliminary data of the Federal Statistical Office, it will accelerate by 1.4% this month. This is slightly above expectations of analysts for 1.3%. This is also the lowest value since November 2016. The Harmonized Consumer

Eurozone inflation

Eurozone inflation is expected to continue its slowdown in February

The Eurozone inflation is expected to continue its slowdown in February, reaching 1.2%, compared with 1.3% in the previous month. This is the preliminary estimates of the European Statistical Office Eurostat. The main push of consumer prices continues to come from energy prices as well as in recent months. However, the growth slowed slightly compared

Eurozone inflation

Eurozone inflation continue to slow down in January

The Eurozone inflation continue to slow down in January, reaching its lowest level in six months. The consumer prices rose 1.3% in the first month of the year, compared with 1.4% in the previous month, according to Eurostat’s latest data. Compared to the same period last year, there was also a serious slowdown, as inflation

Japan inflation

Japanese inflation remains far from the target of the central bank

The Japanese inflation is still far from the target of the central bank and the government, despite the extremely loose monetary policy. In January, the consumer prices, excluding fresh food costs, rose to 0.9% yoy as well as in the previous two months. This means that this price index, to which monetary authorities pay particular

US production prices

US production prices returned to growth

Producer prices for US final demand rose in January with 0.4% mom, following the expectations on the market. The increase is due to higher fuel and health costs. The service prices reported a 0.3% growth in January, as the commodities rising by 0.7%. The main producer prices (excluding energy and food prices) rose by 0.4%

US consumer prices

US consumer prices rose by 2.1% yoy in January 2018

The US consumer prices rose by 2.1% yoy in January, keeping their level in December, but the increase was above market expectations for growth of 1.9%. The calming of fuel and electricity prices was offset by higher food and medical services. The monthly inflation rises to 0.5% according to seasonally adjusted data. An annual rise

UK inflation

UK inflation remains at 3% in January 2018

UK inflation remains at 3% yoy in January, close to a 6-year high peak in November 2017. The CPI is pretty high and surprised economists, who expects to slow down to 2.9%. Last week, the Central Bank of England signaled that interest rates could be raised faster and more than expected, with inflation targeting close

Europe inflation

European inflation can bring surprises

The uncertain wage growth on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean focuses investors on a major risk to the financial markets: what if the strong recovery has led to higher inflation? So far, there are fewer signs of renewed price pressure in the Eurozone than in the US, despite the accelerated economic growth. But according

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