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January 24, 2019

Bulgaria is among the EU countries with the lowest share of temporary workers

Bulgaria workersBulgaria is among the EU countries with the lowest share of people working on temporary contracts for a maximum of 3 months, according to data from the European Statistical Office Eurostat. In 2016, only 0.7% of Bulgarian workers aged 15-64 had insecure work, working on temporary contracts. For the EU, the average level is 2.3%, staying at this level for a third consecutive year, statistics show.

Since the crisis in 2008, the share of people in Bulgaria working on temporary contracts in the period 2012-2015 was the highest – 0.8%.

As a whole, more men in Bulgaria work on temporary employment contracts – their share reaches 0.9% by 2016. For women this share is 0.5%. In the EU, the trend is similar, but the difference is less – only 0.1 percentage points (2.4% for men and 2.3% for women).

The share of precarious workers in the same age range remains relatively stable at EU level over the past 10 years, with small variations.

The most common of temporary contracts are those employed in the agricultural sector, forestry, fisheries, where 8.1% of workers are affected.

The highest share of temporary workers in 2016 is registered in Croatia – 8.4%. Followed by France and Spain with almost 5%, Poland and Slovenia by 4.5%. The smallest is the share of people on temporary labor contracts to 3 months in Romania – 0.2%, as well as the UK, the Czech Republic and Germany – by 0.4%.

In Cyprus and Ireland, their share is as much as in Bulgaria – 0.8%, and in Lithuania and Austria – 1%.

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