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November 14, 2019

British factories export orders jumped to highest level in three years

British factoriesThe export orders from British factories jumped to its highest level in over three years this month, according to the data of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). To increase as much help companies in the field of mechanical engineering and pharmacy.

The expectations of manufacturers for the next three months also increased, reaching its highest level in over 20 years, the report of the organization.

The study is based on surveys among 423 companies between February 24 and March 14.

The factories in the UK benefit from increased demand, which in turn is due to the 17% depreciation of the pound, as a result of referendum Brexit. Furthermore, companies in the sector are facing inflationary pressures and price expectations on sales remain at the highest level since April 2011

Only car manufacturers and transport companies say they expect a decrease in domestic prices over the next three months.

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