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December 10, 2019

Britain ordered an independent study of the place of EU citizens in UK economy

EU citizens in UK economyBritain ordered an independent study of the place of European Union (EU) citizens in the British economy. The Interior Minister Amber Rudd has asked the Consultative Commission on Migration, a state body advising the government, to find out how migration affects the labor market and the wider economy, and how the rules should work after the Brexit.

In a letter to the commission, Rudd stressed that “there will be a period of implementation when Britain leaves the EU so as not to risk situations for employers or EU citizens in the UK”.

“Leaving the EU allows us to take control of immigration and we will continue to attract those who benefit us economically, socially and culturally”, said Amber Rudd. She added that the new immigration system would allow control over the number of people coming to the country that would reduce net migration to sustainable levels.

Concerns about the long-term social and economic consequences of immigration helped last year in Brexit campaign. The government has long sought to reduce net migration to Britain to less than 100,000 people. In 2016, net migration was 248,000 people.

Meanwhile, many companies are afraid they will not be able to hire the people they need. Such a prospect would force them to move elsewhere.

The Government announced that the Migration Advisory Committee, which is due to present its findings in September 2018, will address a wide range of issues: the current pattern of migration in the European Economic Area, including which sectors rely most on EU labor; Economic and social costs and benefits of EU migration to the UK economy; The potential effect of reducing EU migration and the ways in which businesses and the government can adapt to change; The current effect of immigration from EU and non-EU countries on the competitiveness of the British economy and others.

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