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October 22, 2019

Automotive industry dominates German trade

German trade carsCars and automotive components remain the most important part of German exports. Last year, cars, motor vehicles and parts worth 234.4 billion EUR were exported from the country, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office. The second and third place was followed by machinery – 183.6 billion EUR, and chemical and chemical products for 114.7 billion EUR.

In terms of imports, cars and car parts also peaked at 114.6 billion EUR. They are followed by the data processing equipment, electrical and optical products worth 112.7 billion EUR and machines for 80.5 billion EUR.

In this way, Germany exports more cars and parts of motor vehicles than imports, making a surplus of 119.8 billion EUR. This also applies to machinery, where trade surplus is 103.0 billion EUR, and chemical products with surplus of 36 billion EUR.

The country has trade deficit with more goods imported than exported, mainly in the field of crude oil and natural gas, with trade deficit of 49.8 billion EUR and agricultural products with 21.2 billion EUR.

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