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October 19, 2017

About Silvia Hristova

My name is Silvia Hristova. I am 44 year-old woman from Varna, Bulgaria, working as author and analyzes contributor of Economics Gazette Journal. I graduated in University of Economics in Varna and have long experience, as finance and business analyst in local investment funds and banks. Also has long time experience as freelance economy and finance journalist.

Posts by: Silvia Hristova

Mario Draghi ECB

ECB believes in future wage and inflation growth

Wages and inflation in the Eurozone will rise in the future, but slower than initial expectations, which will require patience from central bankers, according to the European Central Bank (ECB) Governor Mario Draghi. The wage growth has failed to respond to incentives for a number of reasons, but the ECB remains confident that the main

eggs export

Netherlands is the largest eggs exporter in the EU

In 2016, EU countries exported eggs worth a total of 960 million EUR and 90% of the deliveries were directed to another union’s country. Making a short calculation shows that EU countries traded with eggs for 866 million EUR. The largest exporter of eggs in the EU is the Netherlands, which accounts for almost 40%

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