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November 14, 2019

Austria asks for permission from EC to limit labor migration from Eastern Europe

Workers buildingThe Government of Austria will plead to the European Commission (EC) to allow restricted access of Eastern European citizens to the labor market of the country. Reducing labor migration from the poorer countries of the European Union is one of the points in the new coalition agreement reached yesterday by the ruling Social Democrats and conservatives.

Unemployment in Austria is below 6%, but with the return of the system, which gives priority to local workers, both parties are trying to stop the rise of the far-right Freedom Party, which leads in all polls in recent months.

Brussels is unlikely to accept such a system because it is contrary to the fundamental principle of the European Union (EU) for free movement of people.

The ruling coalition has promised to impose a ban on full face religious consideration, such as wearing the niqab, burqa and other traditional Islamic garments that cover a large part of the whole person.

There will also be banning officials to wear religious symbols at work.

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