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December 10, 2019

Allseas laid 50% of the Turkish Stream pipeline on the Black Sea bottom

pipelayer Turkish StreamAllseas laid 50% of the Turkish Stream route on the Black Sea bottom, announced the pipeline operator the South Stream Transport B.V. The company’s announcement makes it clear that a total of 930 km of pipes has been laid in the subsea section of the project.

The first pipe is at more advanced stage, as on the Black Sea bottom are laid 706 km of pipes, while the second one is on the 224th km. The length of the route from Anapa station in Russia to the Turkish coast (100 kilometers west of Istanbul) is just over 930 km. The next stage – on the shores of Turkey – is 180 km long.

According to the initial plans, the first first pipe of Turkish Stream will directly supply gas to Turkey. There are no barriers to it, but the second pipe, which will supply gas to Europe, is still under question. It has to supply natural gas to the European consumers of Gazprom, but its route to Europe is still not clear. One option is to go through Bulgaria and the other through Greece.

The issue for Turkish Stream was discussed during a telephone conversation between Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Russian President Vladimir Putin days ago. The two talked about the National Holiday of Bulgaria, March 3rd, but the topics discussed also included the development of Belene NPP as a European project, the Balkan gas hub and the supply of Russian natural gas.

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