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October 22, 2019

Archives for February 2018

German unemployment

German unemployment fell more than expected in February

The German unemployment fell more than expected in February to a record low level, shows a new data. This highlights the strength of the labor market in the country that fuel consumption-driven economic growth. The data released by the Federal Employment Agency showed that seasonally adjusted unemployment has fallen by 22,000 to 2.393 million people.

Eurozone economic sentiment

Eurozone economic sentiment deteriorated in February 2018

The Eurozone economic sentiment deteriorated for the second consecutive month in February 2018, falling in all sectors except services. The Attitude Index published by the European Commission stands at 114.1 points in February against a revised estimate of 114.9 points in January. In December the index hit a 17-year high of 115.3 points. The average

German trade cars

Automotive industry dominates German trade

Cars and automotive components remain the most important part of German exports. Last year, cars, motor vehicles and parts worth 234.4 billion EUR were exported from the country, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office. The second and third place was followed by machinery – 183.6 billion EUR, and chemical and chemical products for

Russian wheat export

Russia increase market share in wheat export

Exports of food production from Russia is growing tremendously last year. Food supplies from the country increased by 25% last year to 19 billion USD, which is the highest growth since 2012. The record quantity is mainly due to exports of wheat and frozen fish, but the exports of sugar also mark significant increase. The

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