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October 22, 2019

Archives for January 2018

Northern Sea Road

China extends its New Silk Road to the Arctic

China has announced its ambition to extend its One Road, One Belt initiative to the Arctic. Beijing plans to take advantage of the roads open by global warming. The Arctic Road (Northern Sea Road) will shorten routes by 20 days compared to classical roads through the Suez Canal. “China will work with all countries to

Venezuela economy crisis

Venezuela lost half of its economy since 2013

Venezuela lost half of its economy since 2013 and the situation is getting worse. The unemployment in the country is expected to reach 30% and prices of all kinds of goods will grow by 13,000% this year, according to new data published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The economists are not particularly optimistic about

UK employment

UK employment reached an unexpected 47-year high

The number of UK employees grew unexpectedly between September and November, while wages in the country are growing at the fastest pace in nearly one year. The UK Bureau of National Statistics said the number of workers increased by 102,000 for the three months to November. This is the largest growth since July, and the

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