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October 22, 2019

Archives for December 2017

US jobless claims

US jobless claims remained unchanged last week at 245,000

The US jobless claims remained unchanged last week at 245,000, which is relatively low value showing a healthy labor market. The Labor Ministry reported on Thursday that the average four-week number, which removed the big fluctuations of the weekly application, rose by 1,750 to 237,750. The claims for unemployment benefit are an indicator of redundancies

Оil trading

Оil trading thrives in 2017

The oil trading is booming and is expected to reach record this year after traded volumes in the US outperformed all other markets thanks to shale oil boom. The trade data shows that volumes of US crude oil light futures, which are the most commonly traded deals during the year, will reach a record of

Industry automation

Industry automation will affect the lowest paid jobs

The automation of the workflow will not negatively affect the economy, but will lead to the dropping down of some lower-skilled jobs, and only skilled workers will get better wages, according to the British Institute for Public Policies Research (IPPR). However, if robotizing starts to increase wage inequality, the state needs to intervene. The Institute

US consumer confidence

US consumer confidence retreated from the 17-year peak

The US consumer confidence retreated from the 17-year peak recorded in November. The data show that the index reached 122.1 points in November, compared to 128.6 points a month earlier. The expectations of the analysts were for slighter drop to 127 points. But overall, the optimism of US consumers has been greatest since 2000. December

Spanish minimum wage

Spanish minimum wage increases by 4% in 2018

Spanish government, employers and trade unions signed an agreement to increase the minimum wage by 4% in 2018. The idea is the minimum wage to reach 992 EUR by 2020. The Workers Commission Secretary-General Unai Sordo recalled that Spain suffered from a wage devaluation process during the global economic crisis. The agreement provides for an

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